Not Afraid

by Nora Sørena Casey, directed by Ben Ferber

Not Afraid is a brutal and funny play about the choices we make when we’re young and naïve, desperate and ambitious, and pretty much fearless.

Praise for Not Afraid

"Complete with a dark sense of humor and stage blood there is always something going on in this new play..." - Sarah Weber,

" and often overlapping dialog that caroms between ironic humor and bleakness, painting a picture of a friendship that is tinged with co-dependence." - Howard Miller, TalkinBroadway

Publicity Photos by Ben Ferber.

Production Photos by Todd Brian Backus, Line Krogh, and Lee Wexler.

Playwright Nora Sørena Casey and Director Ben Ferber were featured on an episode of Hot Pepper Theater to discuss Not Afraid!

The Shadow

by Shannon Stockwell, directed by Todd Brian Backus

Can you trust your own shadow?

The Shadow blends Hans Christian Andersen's horrific fairy tale with a dash of Tennessee Williams and ponders what could happens if our shadows took the reigns.

For the Lulz

by Ben Ferber, directed by Todd Brian Backus

A hacktivist, a cybercriminal, and a phreaker walk into a bar...

For the Lulz is a modern net-noir that pits three cunning netizens against each other for money, for revenge, and for the lulz.

Nominated for the PEER Award for New Frontiers.

Is This Bad?

Three new and untested works that ask the question, 'Is This Bad?'

Letters from Kafka by Nora Sørena Casey, directed by Ben Ferber

The letters Franz Kafka wrote to Felice Bauer are all she has left of her complex love affair with the man. It is a cold and haunting night when Felice’s cousin and Kafka’s friend Max Brod arrives at her house with the great writer’s final request, as well as a desperate plea of his own.

For the Lulz by Ben Ferber, directed by Shannon Stockwell

A new hacker under the alias “poof” has emerged into the Internet, taking down everything from Facebook to government web pages. Intrepid technology blogger Fay sets out to try to discover poof and ends up getting caught in the deep web of a hacker who is just “doin’ it for the lulz.”

Equity by Ella Wrenn, directed by Nora Sørena Casey

There are 48,000 actors and stage managers represented by the union called Equity. Through many voices Equity explores the gender roles in theater business and the position women hold, while simultaneously following a young woman through her first Hollywood audition.